Quote: Sandy Alderson on Competing with the Yankees

Last Friday, Mets GM Sandy Alderson talked for 20 minutes with 1050 ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay, during which they had the following exchange:

Michael Kay:  Mets fans always feel like they’re second-class citizens to the Yankees.  Do you run this club like the Yankees are on a different level than us and we can’t compete that way?  Or, are you in competition with the Yankees?

Sandy Alderson:  No, I think we’re in competition with the Yankees, but we’re going to have to compete a little differently.  We have lots of resources, but I wouldn’t expect our payroll to ever equal the Yankees payroll.  So, we have to do things somewhat differently.  But, look, they’re across town, they’re here, they’re one of our competitors – we compete with the Phillies, we compete with the Red Sox.  You know, if you look at the teams that do well, with maybe fewer resources than the Yankees seem to have, they do quite well, and we ought to be able to the same thing… I didn’t come here on the notion that we would be able to spend ourselves in to a dominant position.  We have plenty of money to spend.  If we manage ourselves right, utilize the money wisely, do player development the way any team has the capacity to do, and excel at that, we should be successful.  I’m not an expert on Yankees finances versus Mets finances, but we have the resources to be in the top four or five teams in Major League Baseball and we need commensurate results.”

To listen to Alderson’s interview with Kay, go to ESPN New York.