Quote: R.A. Dickey on the Beltran trade

“One of the things you can’t help but communicate to the team with a move like that is, ‘You may do it, but we don’t believe this is our year.’…That’s what’s being communicated and you have to be honest about that. And that’s OK, that’s part of development, to be honest in your evaluation of your team…But at the same time, there are guys in this clubhouse who don’t share that same sentiment. This is our team and we all take ownership of it. As a professional you have to try and see the trade as a decision based on the long term as well as the short term. But it’s tough to swallow at the beginning.”

~ R.A. Dickey, as quoted by the Daily News

Trading Carlos Beltran undoubtedly created a huge hole in the lineup, despite their success without him in two of the last three games. But I think this team has a certain character to it, and Terry Collins has shown a fantastic ability to keep the focus of this club despite dealing with an enormous amount of adversity and distraction since day one. I have faith this group will be able to hang in throughout the summer, play well, and at least be in the discussion for the Wild Card until the end.

And so, as I like to say, ‘just win, baby…’