Quote: Q&A with Terry Collins

“This game is about player development.  Obviously the major leagues are where the money is, but the nuts and bolts of this game are scouting and player development… I know everybody wants to rush players to the big leagues.  I think that can be a hindrance as much as it can be a help.  I do believe players need to be challenged when the time comes.  They need to learn how to fail, because they’re going to be humbled in the big leagues sometime.  They need to learn that in the minor leagues, how to get through those things.  So when the time is right, we’re going to challenge them.  But to put them over their heads right now and let them drown, I don’t think that’s fair.  I believe in playing with confidence.  I really think that means something.  And I want to move players up, not back.”

~ Mets minor-league field coordinator Terry Collins, as quoted by Brian Costa for the Star-Ledger.

this is an interesting Q&A by costa with collins, so be sure to check it out… obviously, it’s early, but, i like the things being said by collins, Adam Wogan, Wally Backman, Edgar Alfonzo and other people of influence within the team’s system