Quote: Pedro Beato on the Yankees, their fans, etc.

“I hate the Yankees…My family – I can tell there are no Yankees fans…I think I know more than those guys, not the older guys obviously because they’ve been in this situation. I’ve been to games. I know how crazy the fans can be. As a player you shouldn’t let that get to you. I know it doesn’t get to me. I’d rather play in these situations than play in a game where there’s not that many fans. That’s the whole excitement of the game, how the fans get into the game, how they cheer their team, the loudness and craziness of the crowd.”

~ Pedro Beato, as quoted in the Bergen Record

Well, at least he’s honest, and as a Met fan, I appreciate that honesty, and hope it translates into a high level of intensity not just for him, but for the entire team this weekend.

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