Quote: Omar Minaya on Going Young

In yesterday’s USA Today, Mets GM Omar Minaya says of New York:

“It’s not a market where you can go young.”

Yet, I look at the team’s Opening Day roster and one by one, little by little, every player most Mets fans complained about, and didn’t want on the team in the first place, from Mike Jacobs to Gary Matthews Jr. to Alex Cora to Jeff Francoeur, they’re not here any more.

That said, the players so many people wanted to stay in Spring Training, from Ike Davis to Josh Thole to Chris Carter, all eventually ended up ON the roster… and more are joining the club tomorrow.

This idea of ‘going young,’ or ‘big-market this,’ or ‘small-market that,’ or ‘pitching, speed and defense,’ etc., it’s all so vague and idealistic.

I mean, why not just build the best team?  Why not always be acquiring the best players possible.  Know the market.  Know your inventory and your talent.  Upgrade.  Etc… These are the things a team should always be doing, be it in first place or last place.  The GM should not get bogged down in idealistic concepts that limit and box in his ability to be better, let alone say them out loud in a National newspaper.

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