Quote: Mets have not pursued a trade for Beltran, yet

“We have had conversations with other clubs about a number of our players – [Carlos Beltran]’s situation is well known with all teams, not surprisingly…given his situation as well as his performance, there has been a lot of interest expressed…We have not pursued that interest to any great length at this point – rather, we have been focused with our play on the field. As I’ve said on occasion, I’d like to see Carlos with us as we continue this run. At some point, the interest already expressed by those clubs will be reaffirmed, and we will have some conversations. I do want to make it clear the Rodriguez trade should not signal anything to anyone about Beltran…Realistically, it has to do with how we play over the next two to three weeks, and we will see how it develops.”

~ Sandy Alderson, on today’s conference call with reporters

Recently on WFAN, SI.com’s Jon Heyman said he feels it’s unlikely Beltran will be traded, because a) the Mets are playing well, and b) teams are unwilling to pay much for a rental player, but in a post to Twitter, Jon Morosi of FOX Sports says the Giants have payroll flexibility and are looking to add a middle-of-the-order bat.