Recapr, presented by Pepsi: Matt Harvey still believes he’ll be back in 2014

Matt Harvey 2 polaroid“I strongly believe I’ll be back next year,” Matt Harvey said today, talking to MLB Network.

Dr. James Andrews informed Harvey on Tuesday that his elbow is ‘stable,’ however Tommy John surgery is still a possibility for Harvey if the rehab doesn’t work.

Later today, Terry Collins told WFAN that if Harvey believes he can pitch next season, Collins would bet on Harvey every day.

“If he thinks he can do it, I wouldn’t put it past him,” Collins said.

Harvey announced Tuesday that he will try to rehabilitate the torn ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow. In the next few days, he will begin a throwing program that will run for six to eight weeks, after which he will see how his arm handles throwing and determine if surgery is the best course of action, Sandy Alderson later added.

Injury expert Will Carroll has said that if Harvey decides to have surgery, he could wait until December, as opposed to doing it now, and still not lose much time in his rehab. Recapr takes a look at the reaction to Matt Harvey’s decision to rehab his elbow instead of having immediate surgery.


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