Quote: John Maine is Frustrated, Hates Everything

John Maine let up eight runs and eight hits, he walked four batters and struck out three, using 75 pitches against 20 batters in just three innings in a loss to the Rockies last night:

Following the game, Maine told reporters:

“I very rarely pitch like this, up, but to get hit around like that is frustrating.  It’s hard.  Because, I’m doing my stuff in between starts, I’m doing the right things, but I just can’t put it together.  I’ve thrown good off-speed pitches.  I know my fastball needs to get down, that’s the biggest thing, and that’s something I gotta work on… It’s frustrating.  I mean, I don’t know.  It’s just frustrating… This is awful right now… I hate everything that’s going on with me right now… I don’t need to throw 95 mph, I just need to get my fastball down.”

jeez, he doesn’t sound happy… yikes… maybe they should just send him out there and tell to grip it and rip it… stop thinking so much… who knows… but, wow, he was all over the place last night… his release point was inconsistent, his velocity was down, and it looked – to me – like he was aiming the ball… it looked like he was throwing darts, not pitching

maybe they should hire Paul Lo Duca to be his caddy

To listen to Maine’s entire discussion with reporters last night, click play below:

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