Quote: John Maine is a Habitual Liar

Dan Warthen, on pulling John Maine after five pitches during last night’s start said:

“I just didn’t think John Maine had enough to compete tonight… When he’s throwing that way (80 mph), then there’s got to be something incorrect in that arm, something has to be feeling bad.  John is a habitual liar, in a lot of ways, as far as his own health.  He’s competitor and a warrior and he wants to go out and pitch, but we have to be smart enough to know this guy is not right and the ball isn’t coming out of his hand correctly… John is always one who can step it up during the game.  Talking to him in the bullpen he convinced me he could go out and compete.  Watching him warm up pitches, and then watching the first hitter, I just wasn’t convinced… He’s angry… He is a warrior… but, we have to think of every one on the team.”

habitual liar… lovely… ugh… seriously, it’s always something with this team… it is remarkable… how they do not have a reality show about them is beyond me, aside from the games of course… if my friend is right, and sports really is soap operas for me, well, then the Mets are General Hospital and The Hills rolled in to one…

Maine, in response to being pulled from the game, told reporters:

“I guess they didn’t see 95 mph… I mean, it was the first batter of the game, cut me some slack… Whatever, if they’re looking for 95, whatever… I’ve felt pain for two years, I’m over it.  I want to go out and pitch… I feel something all of the time, we’re pitchers, every pitcher does, it’s not an injury… I didn’t get asked for a chance, that’s what I’m most upset about.  They said they saw something and were taking me out.  I’m a little hurt by that… I’m just so frustrated by the whole situation, you know, whatever.”

…this is not good… i think… i mean, who knows, maybe it plays out that maine IS hurt and he and us and everyone will be thankful Jerry Manuel and warten pulled him… or, he’s not, maine remains pissed, he is offended by being called a liar on television, and the rift grows… time will tell… 

…in either case, i have no problem with manuel pulling maine from the game… i respect him for trying to do what is best for the team and for maine as a man… that said, warthen shouldn’t be calling any one a liar… as it is, jerry walks a fine line every night, coming dangerously close to calling his own players out for things, and embarrassing them, but he does it in a vague, general kind of way, which might be smart, it might not be… i don’t understand those dynamics well enough to say… but, i do know accusing one of your starting pitchers, who you need right now, of being a liar is probably not smart, not only because it will upset maine and distract and already distractable guy, but because it sends a bad signal to the rest of the team… 

To listen to Warthen’s talk with reporters, click play below:

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To listen to Maine’s talk with reporters, click play below:

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