Quote: Jerry Manuel on Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfrey, Pelfrey on Pelfrey

After yesterday’s 4-0 loss to the Braves, Jerry Manuel spoke with reporters, and about Jose Reyes’ injury, Manuel said:

“[David Wright] called me out, I didn’t see anything that was out of the ordinary…I guess he saw him wincing…When I went out I asked him if it was sore, and he said ‘it was a little sore’ but he was fine to play…I decided the best thing to do was take him out.”

…if there is ANYTHING positive from yesterday’s game, it was the fact Wright stood up and took charge of this situation, fully knowing Reyes would resist being taken out…the kid has matured in front of our eyes this year, leading by example with his performance and in cases like this, and i am thrilled both for the Mets and for him he has elevated his stature in this manner…

Manuel said Reyes will not be in today’s lineup, but does think the injury is getting better despite having to lift him from the game yesterday, saying:

“I think it’s getting better…I don’t think we have had any major setbacks because he did play…its kind of breaking some things up in there for him…He’s been a little cautious…He’s been down these roads before, but he’ll be fine.”

…i think he’ll be fine too, he just needs some inactivity for a few days…the problem is, there is very little opportunity to get adequate rest without having to miss games…i wonder how the cold night games in San Francisco might affect this injury next weekend, but lets hope this is a non-issue by then…

Manuel also discussed the struggles for Mike Pelfrey, who is 3-3 with a 4.93 ERA since June 1, saying:

“I think a lot of [his problems] is he will have to get back to pitching in…He’s probably at a little wall right now…I think the break comes at a good time for him…He’ll have close to seven days before his next start…I think he’ll be fine.”

…it looked yesterday as though he was trying to establish the inside part of the plate, especially to the left handed hitters, but he would miss and get too much of the plate, and if his sinker is going to hang above the knees, he’s just going to be doomed…early in the year, he was burying the sinker and slider down and pitching away from contact, and that’s just not the case right now…

Pelfrey also spoke with reporters after the game yesterday, and spoke candidly about his start and recent performance, saying:

“I haven’t been very good…it starts with getting ahead and Ive done a terrible job of doing that…if you leave 15 baserunners in four innings its going to come back and bite you in the butt and thats way too many baserunners and obviously I ended up paying for it…My command has been terrible…you cant continue to fall behind hitters and be successful, and Ive continued to do that…Its not the way I wanted to finish the first half but Ill get it turned around and come out ready in the second half…”

By the way, since June 1, Pelfrey has allowed four home runs, and up until that point, he had allowed three all season.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I love what Rolle said about Hill.  That the kind of quote you get out of a team captain.  No matter how good a player you are, if you can't keep yourself on the field, especially for reasons you can control (non-injury), you're useless.

Even if you're on the "Weed should be Legal" side of the argument, as of right now, it's still a banned substance in the NFL.  Eventually, you have to put on your "big boy pants" and make a life decision.

Like I said in an earlier post about the Hill situation, the choice is to either smoke weed or be an NFL player.  Hill decided to smoke weed, so he is no longer an NFL player.