Quote: Jerry Manuel is Responsible

“Today’s game was not a good game for us,” Jerry Manuel explained to reporters, following yesterday’s loss to the Nationals.  “I thought we appeared unprepared, and I have to take responsibility for that.”

In a must-read report for the Daily News, John Harper writes:

One thing for sure, the manager didn’t like what he saw.

“Jerry was really hot,” was the way one Mets person put it.

Well, good for him. I thought he was too tolerant of the mindless baseball his team played too often last season, and while this wasn’t a case of mistakes costing the Mets, at least he let them know he’s not going to accept a ho-hum approach even in April.  In truth, Manuel slammed his players, because there’s not much worse than calling a team unprepared. He also did it the right way, saying “I have to take responsibility for that,” but there was no mistaking the message he was sending… Manuel no doubt senses danger lurking already, so give him credit for taking a tougher tact with his team.

i understand jerry was talking about the team’s inability to adjust to Livan Hernandez, as they have discussed before the game… but, wow… for a guy who is on thin ice, i’m not sure it’s wise to start jumping on the ice, on purpose, assigning blame and pointing fingers at himself… at the same time, if we’re all watching the ice below his feet, we’re probably less likely to notice how bad Gary Matthews Jr. and Mike Jacobs are… if we’re spending all of our time talking about jerry’s job, there is less time to talk about David Wright’s poor throwing

For more on Manuel, his future and his comments, read David Lennon at his blog for Newsday.