Quote: Heath Bell would Love to Play for Mets Again

“I gave my heart and soul to the Met organization and loved the team.  They gave up on me and I feel that I could have excelled in New York, which is the center stage of baseball.  When they traded me, I looked at it as a fresh start and I wanted to start proving to the Mets and all my doubters that they made a mistake in getting rid of me.  I especially want to show the New York fans what they are missing.  I am confident in my abilities and now when I face the Mets, I am passionate and try to do extra well to prove my point.  I’d love to come back to pitch for the Mets one day.  I think its karma, as my Met debut came vs. the Padres, my Padre debut came vs. the Mets, my first save was at Shea Stadium and I got that first ever save in Citi Field on Opening Day 2009.  It would make my career complete to one day come back and play in New York.  I do enjoy San Diego, but if they choose to go in a different direction, it would be my first choice to come back and lead the Mets to a championship.”

~ Heath Bell, as quoted by the Vues Online

first off all, that is an interesting Q&A, as bell answers questions about his hobbies, favorite cookies and talks about how he wishes he had David Wright’s talent…

…bell strikes me as a very honest, authentic, very smart guy, who is also very, very talented… he will probably earn around $4 million next season, after which he can be a free agent – just like Francisco Rodriguez, who can also be made a free agent… and so, bell isn’t stupid