Quote: FanGraphs on Pedro Feliciano's Future

“Pedro Feliciano is in the midst of a career best season.  If Jerry Manuel somehow returns as Mets’ manager, you have to think he’d want him back.  If not because he’s good, just because he knows his name.  Otherwise, some team in need of a left-handed set-up man will probably give Feliciano a multiple year deal and bank off his ability to stay healthy and active.”

~ R.J. Anderson, FanGraphs.com

I am sure the Mets will negotiate with Feliciano during their exclusive post-season window, since they, like most teams, have a need for a pitcher with his track record.  I’m curious to see if the team offers him arbitration.  He’ll be a Type A free agent, meaning, if they offer it to him, and he signs with a new team, the Mets will be compensated with draft picks.  However, if he accepts, he’s guaranteed a contract that will probably end up being around $3.5 million, and, though he’s probably worth it, I don’t know if the Mets want to peg so much money to that position.

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