Quote: David Wright on not feeling well last night

“Something came on in about the fourth or fifth inning, I felt nauseous and was throwing up a lot.  So, I didn’t feel like I was helping out all that much.  I did what I could, but couldn’t really do much after that… If I can play I’m gonna play… I just couldn’t do anything to help those guys.  It’s weird, I felt good up until about the fourth or fifth inning… I felt dizzy, I was throwing up and feeling bad out there.  I talked to Jerry and those guys and they wanted to get someone out there who could help more than I could at that point.”

~ David Wright, last night, after being removed from the game.

This is one of those weird moments when I am reminded these guys are people, and not just stat lines… get well, David.

To listen to Wright’s post-game talk with reporters, go here.