Quote: Bobby V on Managing the Mets

Bobby Valentine took questions from fans at the Japan Society last Thursday.

“It’s not as though you don’t go back to the girl that dumped you, but it takes a little while,” Valentine said, when asked about ever managing the Mets again, according to Shrine Castle.  “It takes a little convincing.”

In October last year, I wrote:

“The problem is, though Ownership and Omar Minaya like him very much, I think Valentine may be too much for this administration.  I sense the team feels his personality and his presence, and his vision, and the stamp with which he’d put on the organization, are more than they are ready to take on right now… which is a shame.  From what I can gather, the Mets see Valentine as more of a short-term solution, a Billy Martin-type band-aide, who can come in to change the climate, but who is not someone a franchise can build a sustainable program around.”

In a MetsBlog poll last summer, 97 percent of fans said they still have a positive view of Valentine.