Quick Q&A: with J.P. Ricciardi on Jays, den Dekker & Mets

jp-ricciardi-headshotHere is Alexander Hyacinthe’s exclusive Q&A with Mets assistant GM J.P. Ricciardi, who talks about trading with the Blue Jays, Matt den Dekker’s future and continuing to work for the Mets…

Hyacinthe: When you had the opportunity to make a deal with Toronto, and you used to work there, were you able to utilize connections you had to help get that deal done?

Ricciardi: I think so. I mean, obviously there is a familiarly with the people involved and it’s easier to make a deal knowing there’s a trust level involved.

Hyacinthe: I’ve been reading that you guys are still looking for outfielders, anything in the works?

Ricciardi: We’re always looking. We’re never going to stop. Even during the season, we’re looking…

Hyacinthe: Are you pleased with the way the outfield is shaping up?

Ricciardi: I think we’re getting there, but we obviously have a lot of work to do. We’re going to have to mix and match here and there and find the combination that works for us. 

Hyacinthe: When you have a player like a Matt den Dekker, who is clearly ready in one aspect of his game, but not another, is that frustrating? What’s that like?

Ricciardi: It’s a work in progress. We know he’s a good player, we know the deficiencies he has and he has to get better. He’s willing to work at it, and that’s a good thing. I think he made strides while he was down here. So, he’s going in the right direction. He’s gonna be a good player for us one day.

Hyacinthe: Are you gonna stick with us through this process until we get it completely turned around?

Ricciardi: Yeah, I’m not going anywhere. I want to see the Mets win. It’s a great town, great fans, and it would be great to see Citi Field rocking.

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