Quick thoughts on my afternoon in Citi Field yesterday

That’s me, in my t-shirt at yesterday’s home opener. It would have been better had the team won, but it was still nice to get back out to the ballpark again, see some friends, meet readers and watch the team play baseball. It’s a weird atmosphere there, though.

There were seemingly three groups of fans in attendance: the first being very negative, pessimistic fans, who kept loudly predicting failure before and after every pitch; the second group were business types, entertaining clients, trying to enjoy the day, while giving half-looks over their shoulders at the first group; and then there was my group, the cautiously optimistic bunch, who, at just 6 games deep, still hope for the best, but who were mostly quiet, staring blankly at the field, wishing the team would do something well so the first group could quiet down.

It’s an understandable dynamic, given the team’s performance over the last few years. Hopefully, as the Mets start winning, it changes, and we all get on the same page again. I miss those days. Nevertheless, I was just happy to be at the ballpark with my Dad, watching the Mets again. It was a long winter.