Quick Q&A: w/ Kevin Goldstein about cutting GCL Mets

The Mets announced Tuesday that they are eliminating their rookie league team in the Class-A Gulf Coast League, though they will continue to operate Kingsport.

Kevin Goldstein writes about every team’s farm system for Baseball Prospectus, ESPN and Sirius/XM Radio.

Here is a quick Q&A between Goldstein and MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone, in response to the news about the GCL Mets:

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Matthew Cerrone: So, despite what it might signal about the team’s overall finances, why should I care that they cut their rookie team?

Kevin Goldstein: I mean, it’s not the end of the world. … They still have a rookie-level team and a short-season team, which makes them like most teams, but still it’s a weird choice.

Matthew Cerrone: Why is it a weird choice, that’s what I want to understand?

Kevin Goldstein: It’s not crazy expensive to have a complex league team. The facility is there, it’s certainly cheaper than say a minor free agent, and potentially more important to the future of the team.

Matthew Cerrone: I see. So, the cost benefit to those dollars, you feel, would be better spent getting their youngest players acclimated to professional baseball?

Kevin Goldstein: Sure. Development is always a good thing.

Matthew Cerrone: So, if new players don’t go to the GCL short-season team, then what? Do you figure they just start in Kingsport or wait until the following season?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes, they’d start in Kingsport…

Matthew Cerrone: Interesting. OK. So, scale of 1 – 10 (10 being End of the World, 1 being Doesn’t Matter at All), in your opinion, how big of a deal is this story?

Kevin Goldstein: 3. If it took them below the standard, if they only had one team in the U.S. lower than Low-A, it might be an 8 or 9, but they now just have what most teams have.


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