Quick Q&A: The Mets and Carl Crawford

As much as I like Carl Crawford, and while I think he would be a PERFECT fit in the outfield and with Jose Reyes at the top of the lineup, I just don’t think the Mets will sign him this winter, no matter who the general manager is, for a number of reasons.

A lot has to happen before they can even court Crawford, not the least of which is the Mets have to find a taker for Carlos Beltran, which would probably be a slow process, at best, due to the fact he is owed such a large amount of money and the market has yet to develop for him.

In addition, Crawford is a left fielder, and so either he would have to change positions, or Jason Bay would have to change positions, and to be honest, I don’t see either of them making such a change.

Also, and I’d hate to spin this broken record, but the Mets are already committed to approximately $130 million on their payroll for 2011 – even if the Mets are able to deal Beltran, Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez, that figure will only change slightly, at most, and so I don’t think the Mets will be diving head first into the free agent market no matter what.

Now, assuming the Mets can clear themselves of these obstacles quick enough, I don’t know if they will outbid the Yankees, Red Sox or Angels for Crawford’s services. Given what has happened to the Mets and the fact they haven’t done much in the way of winning lately, I think they would have to blow Crawford away with their bid, and I don’t think that would happen.

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