Quick Q&A: about the Status of Josh Thole

At this point, I think there is no question Josh Thole should be considered the Mets number one catcher heading into 2011.

That said, whomever is making the decisions this winter, be it Omar Minaya or a new general manager, he or she can leave no stone unturned, meaning NOBODY can be considered untouchable on the roster, and if that means the Mets can improve by including Thole in deal of some kind, the Mets cannot discount such a possibility.

I think that approach has to be taken with absolutely everyone at all levels of the organization, including guys like David Wright and Jose Reyes. It’s not to say that, as a fan, I WANT Wright and Reyes to be traded, but the reality is the dynamic with the Mets and the team’s culture and philosophy just aren’t working, and hasn’t worked for a long time, and that’s just the reality, but it’s up to the Mets brass to determine whether or not they are truly a part of the solution, or a part of this current problem. I want to believe Wright and Reyes in particular are and will be a part of the solution going forward, but if the opportunity arises to improve above and beyond what they are capable of doing, both on the field and in the clubhouse, by trading them, how can the Mets not entertain the notion of dealing one or both of them…

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