Question: for Mets Fans with a Ticket-Plan

The Mets extended the deadline for season-ticket renewals from mid-December to December 31.

I keep hearing people tell me the Mets MUST make a big signing in order to get people to re-up.

The thing is, if you are on the fence – or, worse, you already decided not to buy a ticket plan, and instead will just role the dice like the rest of us in hopes of finding a seat on an as-needed basis – is Jason Bay or Bengie Molina, or, for that matter Matt Holliday, enough to motivate you to re-up?

I have live nearly two hours from Queens my entire life, so I’ve never owned a ticket plan. But, I’ve gone to roughly 20 games every season since the early 90s.  So, it’s difficult for me to understand what motivates people to commit so much money up front.

This time around, following last year, knowing what we know of Citi Field, the NL East, etc., what is the driving force in either your decision to re-up or not re-up, and what would have to happen before December 31 to get you to commit this early to 2010?  Is it about a commitment from Ownership?  Players?  Ticket prices?  I’m curious, and trying to better understand how this decision is made.

Updated at 7:40 pm:

I initially had an e-mail box in this post, but I was sent more than 500 responses, which I will do my best to read through tonight, and provide a summary post tomorrow on the blog.