Q&A: MetsBlog and Minaya on Luis Castillo

Matthew Cerrone, from MetsBlog: I had a lot of questions about Luis Castillo, as you can imagine.

Michael from Tennessee asked, “If you had to do it again, would you give Luis Castillo another four-year contract?”

Omar Minaya: Well, no, not the way he played this year – of course not. 

It’s easy to make decisions based upon one year’s performance, but we don’t work that way.  As General Managers, we have to make decisions based upon what a player has done in their whole career.  Up until that point, if I’m not mistaken, Luis Castillo had been a consistent .300 hitter with about a .360, .370 On Base Percentage, in that range, and a steady defensive player that turned a double play very well… He played well for us when we had him in 2007 – I think he hit over .300.

That being said, he did not play well for us this year.  You know, a lot of times, with these long-term contracts for guys, one year they look good, one year they look bad and the next year they look good.  I think that there are a lot of guys around baseball, a lot of guys who don’t look good and they turn out to be better.

Matthew Cerrone, from MetsBlog: Going back to that time, though, was there a rush to lock in a second baseman before the Winter Meetings?  Or, before other trades were explored?  I mean, was there some sort of urgency?  I ask, because I think most fans were confused as to why the four years?  I know you probably can’t revisit it too much, but was there any kind of feeling that, ‘We’ve got to lock somebody in here?’

Omar Minaya: Yeah, I mean, at the time, I think we worked hard on making sure that we were going to have an offense built on a high On Base Percentage at the top of the order… When we looked at the market place, we liked David Eckstein a lot.  We tried to do a deal with Eckstein and we couldn’t get it done.  We just felt that it was an important part of our offense and we wanted to lock that up as soon as possible.

Question 3, which deals the bench, will post at 11 am.

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