Prince Fielder will be seeking a $200M contract

According to the Mark Viera of the New York Times, Prince Fielder will be seeking a $200 million contract this winter when he is a free agent.

Fielder is on pace to finish this season hitting .300 with a .410 OBP, roughly 35 HR, 130 RBI, 100 strike outs, 100 walks and a 100 runs scored.

small photoMatthew Cerrone: Like I wrote last week, I have thought about a world with Jose Reyes at shortstop, Ike Davis in right field and Prince at first base. The word is the Mets want a big bat in the outfield, someone who can clear the bases and give quick runs with one swing. Maybe that’s Lucas Duda? Maybe it isn’t. But, Fielder has the ability to hit the ball out of any park, so Citi Field is unlikely to contain him – not to mention he consistently has a .400 OBP and a fun personality that most fans would likely respond well to. Plus, as a left-handed bat, he’s less likely to start the year in a funk.

However, I just can’t see the Mets allocating $40 million to two players in one off season (Reyes and Fielder), as it would be totally counter to Sandy Alderson’s goal to keep payroll ‘flexible.’ Plus, Ike can win a Gold Glove at first base, and his contributions on the infield are very underrated … so I don’t see how they move him to a new position. The thing is, what happens if Jose signs elsewhere? Or, what if Ike needs major surgery, leaving his future in question? So, there are lots of unknowns and the team does have money to spend… and this is New York … so, like it or not, I anticipate there being Mets-Fielder rumors this winter even if they’re not realistic.