Preview: Minaya on Murphy from Q&A with MetsBlog

Last Friday, I talked by phone for roughly 15 minutes with Mets GM Omar Minaya, using a variety of questions submitted to me for him by readers of

I will post the audio and transcript of the interview on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, during which we talk about whether he would give another four-year deal to Luis Castillo, if he had to do it again; his plans for the bullpen; and how to be a win-now team in a weak free-agent market; among other things.

In the meantime, here is a quick excerpt…

Matthew Cerrone, from

“Fans were very excited about Daniel Murphy…I am sure you guys are probably excited as well…

“Ed from Melville, NY, asked, “How do you envision Murphy in the line up?  What position do you see him playing?  And how excited are you about this guy?”

Minaya, on Murphy, speaking to

“Well, first of all, we are very excited.  We rarely see a young player having that kind of plate discipline…

“I am comfortable that he is going to play the outfield if we need him to play the outfield.  We are also comfortable that he would be able to play first base – if someday Carlos Delgado is not with us.  So we’re excited about him, and we envision him that way…

“He is going to play second base in the Fall League, but that was something that was decided a while back before he actually came to the Major Leagues.”

Last week on MetsBlog, I wrote, “I sense the organization sees Murphy more as a potential solution at first base, not at second base, despite his time in the AFL.”

I’m glad to hear ‘first base,’ straight from Minaya’s mouth, because it puts Carlos Delgado’s future in play, as well as potential solutions for left-field.

The question is, though, if Delgado stays, and a left-fielder is acquired, what happens to Murphy.

That said, it’s always good to have options.