Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

It’s a cold business, but it’s a business. But, even still, Dickey may end up being the first player I actually root for, and go out of my way to watch, as a fan of his, after leaving the organization. I usually cut ties pretty easily, but he’s different. I don’t know why. He always struck me as a normal guy who happens to be really good at one facet of baseball, as opposed to a born-and-bread, entitled¬†athlete¬†trying to act like a normal guy. I admire and respect that in him, and it made him endearing in a way I don’t ever recall seeing before in sports. It’s actually why I’m kind of glad he’s with Jose Reyes now competing against the Yankees. I can root for them both, at the same time, with the same goal. He’s awesome, easy to root for and I hope he continues to have success in life on and off the field.

Now, as for the Mets, hat’s off to Sandy Alderson for working the market (twice in a year and half) to end up getting one of the top pitching prospects (Zach Wheeler) and top hitting prospects) D’Arnaud all for just two players (with expiring contracts) in their late 30s. His goal is to build a new foundation, a new core of players to help create and sustain a winning franchise over the next five to 10 years, and these two kids are going to help that a lot.

I’m excited to know D’Arnaud is joining Wheeler, with this system’s other young pitching, knowing Ike Davis, Matt Harvey, Jon Niese, Ruben Tejada and David Wright are holding up the big-league team. There is still SO much work to be done, but this is a step in the right direction for the right reasons…