Post Game: Video and Quotes about Chris Carter

Last night in the eighth inning, Chris Carter had a pinch-hit, go-ahead, RBI double.

Jerry Manuel:  “I think he had a bat every since the third inning.  He’s a very focused individual.  We all feel he can add some spice to our life here.  It was good to see him come up in that situation and get a big hit in his first appearance as a Met, that was huge for us… In Spring Training, when we’d get a chance to pinch hit him in a game, he’s walking up and down the dugout, he’s a guy who wants to hit.  So, we’d always say, ‘Get the Animal ready,’ and he’s always ready.”

Ike Davis: “He’s just so positive all the time.  He gives 110 percent every time.  He’s really clutch.  He’s really intense, but it’s a good intensity.  He’s really into it.  He really wants to win and help the team… The don’t call him The Animal for nothing.”

Jon Niese:  “I just love watching him, because his passion for the game is second to none – and I just love watching him play.”

one at bat will not define who he is… but, it’s impossible to deny that his hit last night wasn’t exciting… and, i’m happy he’s on the team, and i hope he remains successful, because i think he’s going to be a player and a character that the team and we, as fans, rally around

To watch Carter’s hit, click play below – and be sure to notice the dugout as he rounds first base: