Post Game: Jerry's Comments, & Feliciano Wants 8th Inning

Following today’s game, Jerry Manuel talked to reporters and essentially said:

    • Jose Reyes looked good.  Reyes is likely to next run the bases, then play in a minor league game.  He would not say either way if Reyes will or will not be ready for Opening Day.
    • Jon Niese continues to be impressive.
    • The team will have information about the final pitching staff on Thursday.
    • Nothing seems to phase Jenrry Mejia, who also continues to be impressive, though he does not see him as a set-up guy to start the season.
    • He likes LHP Raul Valdes, who, if on the roster, would allow him to use Pedro Feliciano as an eighth-inning, set-up man.

Later, according to SNY producer Matt Dunn, Feliciano said he still very much wants to be the team’s set-up man, saying:

“I’m working hard.  I’ll do whatever Jerry wants to do.  I don’t feel comfortable being just a lefty specialist.  I want to be the set up man… I think I’m gonna get the job.  I came here ready to face the righties, and I’m ready for it.”

Lastly, Niese said he has not been told anything official about where he will be pitching in April.