Poll: Murphy, Jacobs or Ike Davis at 1B

Yesterday, Jerry Manuel told reporters that there is still a competition to determine who will be the team’s starting first baseman.

This spring, Daniel Murphy is batting .148 with six strike outs and one home run in 30 plate appearances.

Meanwhile, Mike Jacobs is hitting just .200 with two strikes outs in 20 at bats, and 23–year-old Ike Davis is batting .500 with two HR, nine RBI and seven strike outs in 22 at bats.

Nevertheless, in regards to Murphy playing first base, Jerry Manuel said yesterday, “We feel very, very, very comfortable and confident that he can get the job done at the Major League level and play well.”

In a report for MLB.com, Alden Gonzalez talks to Murphy about the competition..

In a post to his blog for 1050 ESPN Radio, Rich Coutinho wonders what role Jacobs will have.

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