Photos from PSL: Travis d’Arnaud is being watched, by everyone




Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Travis d’Arnaud has style. I hope he’s good. I’m so predictable, because if a catcher is good on the Mets, it’s a guarantee he becomes my favorite player on the team. D’Arnaud will be that guy if he meets expectations. I also love that he has No. 15, it makes him appear to be a forgone conclusion, which he sort of is. Of course, anything can happen between now and the middle of May, when I expect he’ll make his debut at Citi Field. But, given the attention he gets, the people scouting and watching his every move, the number on his back, his talent and the buzz that follows him through camp, if you were new here, you’d instantly know he matters… and he doesn’t even have a big-league at bat yet.


Vinny Cartiglia

He is winning over fans at Tradition Field, as well, spending 12 to 20 minutes signing autographs after practice. That plus the moon shots he was hitting during batting practice has quickly made him a hot topic off field.