Moment from PSL: The David Wright Mets

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Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

It’s nothing against the younger, less-established players in camp, but it’s not until I sit and watch David Wright take batting practice or lead the infield that I remember just how much better he is at baseball than most people here. Also, it’s also nice to see him own camp.

He has a presence now. He’s more relaxed and in command than I recall seeing from him in years past. He’s smiling a lot and center stage. Last season, he looked older, actually, like the outgoing senior at an undergrad frat party. This year, he comes across like a celebrity – in a way that was not the case before. It could simply be because of the lack of stars around him. But, something just looks different. I suppose it could be the contract, and the super model fiance, and the fact that he’s locked in here. His signature indicates he’s buying in to this project. He’s on board. This team will likely sink or swim mostly because of his mental and physical strength and the leadership he provides. And it starts here…

Johan Santana owns the pitching side of camp. However, Wright is the man in the field and at bat. He also clearly has a good relationship with Terry Collins, because they appear to share a lot of inside jokes, looks and laughs. These two guys are going to need one another to get through this season… and you can see that in how they interact.