Photos from PSL: Survivor: Port St. Lucie




Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

They should call it Survivor: Port St. Lucie, like the CBS reality show, and each week of camp they vote someone off until three remain.

It’s crazy to look at because there are just so many people competing for the outfield, all of whom could realistically end up with a starting job. Sandy Alderson just stood there and stared, he didn’t flinch. I would love to know what was going on his mind.

The guy I’m looking to is Marlon Byrd. It’s going to take a player like him, to come in, win a job and exceed expectations for this team to contend. He has a big personality, he smiled a lot and looks comfortable. He has a track record. I see the other outfielders responding to him. So, if he can step up his game and get back to a season like he had in 2011, he could go a long way towards improving this team’s offense.