Moment from PSL: Colin Cowgill has a chance, at least in a platoon



Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Collin Cowgill will turn 27 this year, which is a notorious age in baseball, since it means he could be ripe for a breakout season. To date, he’s looked like just another Quadruple-A player, who has put up impressive numbers in Triple-A, but fallen short in a few hunded big-league at bats. He was actually listed as Oakland’s starting center field for a brief while last winter. He’s a switch hitter, he can draw a walk, and they say here he makes good contact, runs well and plays good-enough defensive. My hunch is he can be a platoon guy with Kirk Nieuwenhuis, since Cowgill hits lefties better than right-handed pitching. He looks like a bit of a tough guy. Vinny Cartiglia keeps imagining him like a Lenny Dykstra type, but that may have more to do with his build and the number on his back. He’s an interesting mystery.

This much I know, though, he certainly doesn’t need more pine tar…