Moment from PSL: Reese Havens, sitting, watching from the sideline


Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I hate to say it, but this sums up Reese Havens’s time with the Mets so far, just standing off field, watching the game go by. Here, today, he didn’t take BP, he just watched. I feel bad for the kid. This should have been the season he was ready to make an impact at second base, a position that has been ripe for the taking every year he’s been in the organization. He was drafted the same year as Ike Davis, but his body just refuses to let him progress.

“I’m going to have back problems,” Havens told last week. “It’s just, I’ve learned how to try to stay on top of my back with doing core [workouts] and stretching and stuff. That’s just what I’ve got to do.”