Photo Blog: Notes, Quotes & Pictures from Happy National Harvey Day!!

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Here is a running photo blog from before the All Star Game through Matt Harvey’s first pitch.

8:47 pm: I may get to be on field before the game, but this is my view during it. I just can’t quit the atmosphere on the Shea Bridge and in center field. Mets fans are crazy, and the best…


8:00 pm: Harvey getting ready, staring down the field before making his way to the bullpen:


7:16 pm: Last stop for Terry Collins, before leaving leaving the field for the dugout…


6:45 pm: Prince Fielder put on the best show in batting practice, putting several balls within a few rows or the last seat in the Pepsi Porch. Incredible.


5:50 pm: Matt Harvey, reporting for duty…



5:20 pm: I love the level of respect being shown to the men and women of our Armed Services. The players and all of MLB seem to be doing everything they can to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and clear the way for them with special treatment, which is great to see…


photo 2

4:40 pm: Lights, camera, action… oh, and baseball…




In the clubhouse, there are tables and tables of merchandise that is being signed by tonight’s players. It’s endless…


4:15 pm: This touches on what I said above, in one view I could see six Harvey shirts, three in this one picture:


4:10 pm: There are early tailgates and lines of Mets fans already forming. I’d say it’s 10 to 1, Mets colors to other teams, which I’m happy to see. I even saw a guy wearing an authentic Kirk Nieuwenhuis jersey.¬†Also, hat’s off to the dude wearing a full Mets uniform, who, in this heat, is either totally crazy or looking to sign a minor-league contract… Good luck.