Bobby Parnell will still be closer even after Frank Francisco is activated

Terry Collins told reporters today that Bobby Parnell will continue to be the team’s closer, even after Frank Francisco returns.

Collins would first like to see how Francisco bounces back from pitching Sunday and Monday before the team makes plans to activate him from the disabled list.

According to Collins, “Parnell has done such a good job,” during Francisco’s absence this season.

Francisco’s command and velocity have been good, Collins said. However, he has yet to talk to Sandy Alderson about Francisco’s status.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

It sounded like Terry basically said it will be Parnell’s job. That could change if Francisco returns, pitches well and Parnell stumbles… all of which is exactly how it should be, assuming you feel a team must have a designated closer.

In regards to Parnell, he’s pitched very well. He’s done a better-than-expected job at not walking people, and he’s striking a lot of guys out. The trick for him will be continuing that success. The minute he starts walking guys again, look out. I like what I see, but I’m still watching with cautious optimism.