Outfield: Mets interested in Cory Sullivan

Troy Renck of the Denver Post believes the Mets are interested in free-agent OF Cory Sullivan, who was non-tendered in December.

The 29–year-old Sullivan, who bats left-handed, is a career .279 hitter, with a .330 OBP and just eight HR in 927 at bats for the Rockies, during which he hit .269 away from Colorado.

I’m thinking Sullivan must be viewed as a potential replacement for Endy Chavez, who was traded to Seattle, since he is most known for his defense.  However, isn’t that what Jeremy Reed is for?  My guess is the Mets once expressed interest in Sullivan, knowing they might trade Chavez, but before they acquired Reed.

The Padres, Rangers, Marlins and D’Backs have all been linked in rumor to Sullivan during the off-season.

Speaking of back-up outfielders…

The Red Sox are close to signing free-agent OF Rocco Baldelli to a one-year deal, according to the Boston Globe.

I have been sent a lot of e-mail from readers who wanted to Baldelli.  I don’t get the love affair.  He’s a good hitter, sure, but he’s getting older, he is struggling with a unique ‘energy-depleting health disorder,’ he was in search of a guaranteed contract, and the Mets already have Fernando Tatis, Daniel Murphy, Ryan Church, Angel Pagan and Reed, and are also apparently interested in Sullivan.  So, it’s nothing against Baldelli, it’s just, I am not sure where he fits in.