Outfield: Braves in talks with Sox for Dye

According to WFAN’s Sweeny Murti, the Braves are in serious discussions with the White Sox about bringing Jermaine Dye back to Atlanta, where he began his career 12 years ago.



Maybe you can explain something to me that I'm May not be so clear on. I have read several articles that seem to be stating that king will have a tough time making any moves given the teams current salary issues. However, I believe that king does have more flexibility than perceived but maybe I'm wrong.

First, from what I understand the nets cannot receive any sign and trade players because they are too far over the cap. And they cannot sign free agents outright to anything above the vet. Minimum or go above the mini mid level. However, they can sign and trade their own players I believe and since they have the bird rights to Pierce and Blatche king could potentially sign these guys to big deals and then flip them to another team for picks or other players. So pierce and Blatche both relatively good players seem to be movable assets if used correctly. Maybe I am wrong.

Second, plumlee, Mirza, and Thornton who will become a big expiring (8 million) I believe can be traded and their value is pretty high right now especially Mirza and plumlee so these are movable assets as well.

Third, let's talk about KG and AK47. Let's say KG goes to king and says he wishes to retire. In theory could king work out a deal where they trade him to another team who seeks cap relief and who agrees to buy him out for 6 million dollars. That amount of cap relief would be work a second round pick or two and save them the trouble of burning the 2 million they have to buy a pick. I think this is done all the time when teams get guys and simply release them the day after. So KG is a trade assets as well again depending on the situation. Ak47 could opt in but still want out and in that case he could be traded as well.

Again I may be mistaken but these all seem like options for king and this is before even considering moving Lopez, Johnson, or Williams. King still seems to have to wiggle room to make changes if he is creative.

I myself would be hard pressed to move Mirza or plumlee they just both have the makings of creating a solid bench squad. However, everyone else should be used to make this team better if needed. I think a Blatche or a pierce deal might net you a lower round first round pick I believe the sixes have multiple selections.

Correct me if I'm wrong Brian.