Opinion: This Place is Empty

Last night’s paid attendance, 25,684, was the smallest crowd ever at Citi Field.

It was quiet… by the time the Mets were down six runs, SNY’s Gary Cohen actually said on air, ‘This place is empty,’ and he wasn’t joking.

I’m sure it is painful, emotionally and financially, for the team to see so many empty seats… but they need to understand that we, the fans, are hurting too.

I mean, I feel like I’ve been in a three-year boxing match… and I’m not winning.

In 2006, Carlos Beltran struck out to end the season, and, given all the momentum and excitement from that summer, it was like getting punched in the face, after which I lost my balance a bit… but I stood my ground and was able to move on.

In 2007, the Mets blew a seven-game lead in September and missed the post season, after a playoff birth seemed inevitable, and it was getting punched in the chest – I stayed standing, but this time my knees buckled.

In 2008, yet another collapse, and yet another punch to the gut, which put me up against the ropes, after which I bent down to one knee.

Then, last season, with all the injuries, the constant criticism of the ballpark, the off-season drama and, oh, the 90 losses, it was like getting smacked in the mouth yet again, this time sending me to the floor, to my back, eyes blurry and my head ringing, trying to find the energy to get up.

But, I’ll get up… and so will every one else.  Believe me, fans will return to Citi Field.  I’m fairly sure most fans want to be back, they’re just working to get up off the carpet first.