Opinion: Rollins, Cora and Hardball

In the ninth inning last night, with one out and Jimmy Rollins on first base, Matt Stairs hit a ground ball to second, which Luis Castillo picked up and threw to Alex Cora, who made the catch and then tried to turn what could have been a game-ending double play.

However, Rollins made a wide, barrel-roll slide in to Cora, took him out at the knees, and so the throw died a few feet from his hand.

If this was the NFL, Rollins might have been called for clipping.

The thing is, I have no problem with Rollins doing this: it’s a smart play, it worked, and he kept the inning alive for his team.

However, I do have a problem with the Mets, who a) never do this themselves, and b) when it’s done to them, they do nothing to retaliate and help to make it stop.  Because, while I think it’s a legit play, from the Mets perspective, 1) it kept the inning alive, which is never the goal, but, 2) it’s dangerous, and could injure someone some day.