Opinion: I Have Questions about the Mets

Www.google.com 2010-7-23 14-41Yes, I believe the Mets will hit again.  I also trust Mike Pelfrey will get it together.

They will not play this bad, every day, between now and the end of the season.

Things will eventually even out.

And so, I do think that if this team did nothing – no change at the helm, no change in coaching, no acquisitions at the deadline, and no shift in the batting order – they would still be capable of finishing with around 85 or so wins this season.

However, will that be good enough?

How will Ownership and fans react to finishing over .500, but still missing the playoffs?

Will the effort matter?  Will meaning games in September work this time?  Or, given the last few seasons, and given where this team was just four years ago, and given the payroll and expectations, is 85 wins, but falling short, acceptable?

This is where panic factors in.  This is why the next few weeks are important.

Sure, the team will eventually hit.  Yes, they will win again.  But, before that happens, will every one keep cool, or will people overreact?  There is a difference between what a team is physically capable of, and what they are psychologically able to do.  Yes, they’re physically capable of being better.  They do have talent.  They have track records.  But, will players tighten up and turn on one another, will fans get restless, will it take so long to self-correct that, in the meantime, things go from bad to worse, before there is a chance for it to get better?

What’s more, even if things do turn around, tonight, and the Mets win every other game from here on out and finish with 85 wins, will the overall disappointment of missing the post-season still lead them to make changes in management and philosophy in November anyway?  And, if those changes are inevitable, so long as they do not make the playoffs, should that process start now?

I mean, if the team is fearful it will not make the playoffs, and if there will be major changes anyway because of it, what’s the worst that could happen between now and the end of the season?  In other words, maybe a change today does something psychological to fans and players that pushes this club to 90 wins and in to the post season?  Or maybe it doesn’t?  Maybe players quit on the manager and things spiral to a point where cleaning up the mess becomes impossible.  Or, maybe the Mets are content?  Maybe the goal is to just play good enough to stay in the race, sell tickets and buy time?  Who knows?

I don’t have the answers.  But, clearly, I’m full of questions.

David Salnave
David Salnave

This makes the football on your phone video look like Citizen Kane. 

Anne Barber
Anne Barber

Joe Willie looked like he was having a good time!