Oliver Perez says he's being treated unfairly

In the original post, I accidentally described Oliver Perez working hard as a ‘cancellation prize.’

Spellcheck + Rushing strikes again… or, it was a total Freudian slip.

Original Post at 9:01 am:

Oliver Perez pitched last night for the first time since August 1.

1arPHe pitched to six batters, walked two and gave up a solo home run with the second pitch of the inning.

I think he actually had better command of his secondary pitches than his fastball, which is still not cracking 87 mph.

Kevin Burkhardt said on SNY that Perez recently told him he feels he is being treated unfairly by the Mets, which is beyond hilarious.  I mean, is he serious?

How about the fact that he is terrible and basically forcing his manager and teammates to play shorthanded by refusing to go to the minor leagues – all while collecting $12 million this season, with or without pitching.

I’d like for someone to ask him if he thinks that is fair?  Unreal.  Frankly, it’s unfair that any fan had to pay to watch him this season.

“He’s been working so hard,” Josh Thole said, according to MLB.com.  “He goes in the bullpen and the weight room constantly, just working hard to get back out there – and he did.  He obviously doesn’t throw the fastball like he used to.  But I thought his slider was great.”

First of all, he should be working hard.  He’s not good and needs to be better.  So, that’s not a consolation prize.  It’s his job.  You know what else is his job?  Sitting down Major-League hitters.  And right now, that is something he is incapable of doing more times than not.

Jeff Wilpon was in the stands.  I’d love to know what he was thinking last night, sitting there, watching, knowing he basically paid Perez roughly $40,000 that inning to walk two batters and give up a home run.