NYP: Bud Selig Wants the Mets Fixed

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, MLB commissioner Bud Selig does not want to see a team in New York be in the “mess” the Mets are in right now.

Good – at least the commissioner and the fan base can see eye-to-eye on the topic.

Sherman suggests there is nobody more qualified than Sandy Alderson to fix that mess, saying:

“[Alderson] would bring the Mets an intellect they have been missing plus instant organization, credibility and the perception throughout the game that the general manager – and not ownership – is running the baseball operations. None of the other candidates can do this. So if the Wilpons do not pick Alderson now they should know the first reaction is going to be that they will be giving their fans more of the same.”

Most importantly, no matter who ownership hires as the next GM, the key to me, as Sherman points out, is that he or she is completely in charge of the baseball operations department, and ownership steps aside and trusts his or her ability to succeed.

In listening to Jeff Wilpon earlier in the week, I thought he was kind of wishy-washy on what his involvement would be going forward – he said he wasn’t involved in baseball operations when Omar Minaya was the GM, yet he essentially said he would offer input to a new GM on future moves and player personnel.

To me, that cannot happen, and I can’t imagine a veteran presence such as Alderson would want that to happen.

Going forward, what I want to see from ownership is the “hands off” approach Sherman writes about – almost a non-existent voice, or a ‘the GM in charge, the GM will come to us for financial approval, but we will be in Port St. Lucie’ approach, and let the baseball experts make unfiltered decisions on players, coaches, organizational structure, etc. I think ownership can certainly define what they want the Mets to be, but leave it up to the people with the qualifications, as Jeff Wilpon put it, to make the Mets into what they want.

Trust is a two way street, and I think ownership has an opportunity to re-build their trust with the fans by not just hiring the RIGHT GM, but doing the RIGHT thing with that GM.