Notes: on Citi Field, McFadden's, the Apple and Musuem

According to Chris Swann, the old Home Run Apple is in its place, done, outside the Rotunda.


i’m surprised this isn’t encased in glass… i mean, what about vandalism and snow and rain

Also, Swann was able to get pictures of the new Mets Museum, and he said in an e-mail:

“There are definitely some amazin’ displays in there – Items I saw already installed: Agee’s glove from ’69 WS, the Shoe Polish Ball (with famous picture and ticket from that game), Piazza’s helmet from the post-9/11 HR, Franco’s FDNY hat from the post 9/11 game, an original Mr. Met Bobblehead, an original record and sheet music for “Meet the Mets”, Seaver’s contract, Duffy Dyer’s bat, a collection of Mets jerseys, Seaver’s jacket, a Koosman glove, Bud Harrelson’s jersey, Lee Mazilli jacket, and much more.  Also in there is a large circular display hanging from the ceiling with famous Mets quotes, a wall mural of Shea’s stands as viewed from centerfield, banners for all the championships, etc. There are four different display cases I saw that are still empty, so who knows what other goodies will be added by Monday.”


To see Chris’s entire photo gallery, with lots of photos from the Musuem, go here.

wow… i CAN’T WAIT to get in there and see this placethanks for the sneak peak, chris

Also, in post to Metsie, Corey a similar gallery with different photos of a still under-construction McFadden’s at Citi Field, and other changes from around the ballpark.

…from what i have been told, yes, McFadden’s WILL be open for business…