Note: Ultimatums and Calling Bluffs

In a conversation on Twitter, Joe DeMayo of NY Baseball Digest said the the time has come for the Mets to give free-agent OF Jason Bay an ultimatum, to which Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post agreed, writing, “The Mets need to start calling these guys’ bluff.”

But, what does that even mean? 

The Mets obviously want Bay.  So, if they want Bay, how exactly do they call his bluff? 

In order to effectively give an ‘ultimatum,’ the Mets have to be willing to move on without him – otherwise, if they’re not, and I’m not sure they are, he’s just as likely to call their bluff.

In other words, it’s hard to call a person’s bluff if you have no other cards in your hand.  So, instead of suggesting the Mets give orders, I’m just hoping they have done their due diligence and have another attractive, effective path to go down should Bay or Matt Holliday sign elsewhere.

By the way…

The Yankees are working on another ‘big acquisition,’ from what I have been told by people close to their front office.  I have no idea who it is, or if it’s close, but, for the Mets sake, I’m hoping it’s a trade.  I can’t even imagine what will happen to the Mets if the Yankees sign either Bay or Holliday.  Yikes.  That could force St. Louis and Citi Field in to an absolute scramble for whomever the Yankees didn’t sign… and so, I wonder if that is what Bay and Holliday are holding out hope for.