Note: Tom Nieto Replaces Rickey Henderson

According to Marty Noble at, Tom Nieto will replace Rickey Henderson on Willie Randolph’s coaching staff next season.

i’m sad to see rickey go, not from a baseball point of view, but from an entertainment point of view…he was hilarious in the coach’s box behind first base

In an interview with WFAN at the end of last season, Mets GM Omar Minaya said that Nieto has done a great job as the team’s catching instructor and was initially invited to the organization by Randolph.

…this is relevant, i guess, since there had been some questions raised at the end of last year suggesting that willie was being undermined by having certain coaches forced on him…nieto is clearly not one of those guys

During May of last season, Paul Lo Duca had thrown out 9 of the first 15 runners who attempted to steal on him, and Lo Duca gave much of the credit to Nieto’s help in spring training.

…hat tip to The ‘Ropolitans for the link


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