Note: The $60 Million Roster

The Mets current 25–man roster will earn roughly $60 million this season, or around the same level as the Rays, Orioles and Twins.

“We can deal with this.  We’re not as bad as people think we are,” Alex Cora said last night, according to  “Don’t feel sorry for the Metropolitans.”

i love that he called them the Metropolitans… that’s awesome

last night, on, i wrote, “I was afraid the Mets might collectively mope around, shrug their shoulders and drop their heads, all in light of today’s news that Carlos Beltran would be joining Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, John Maine, Oliver Perez and J.J. Putz on the disabled list.”…

MetsBlog reader Music Man Phil sent in e-mail saying:

“The Mets team you are referring to barely exists, and so with all the usual ‘mopers and shoulder shruggers’ on the DL, we might not have All-Stars on the field, but maybe this is the gritty and resilient team we’ve all been hoping for.”

like i’ve been saying, i prefer to root for this type of team, i.e., the scrappy, over-achieving hustlers, so long as they’re winning… i mean, if these guys lose, the scrappy, underdog thing will only go so far… in the end, i want to win… but, all results being equal, i like this kind of successful team most… why… because i can detach myself from expectations, and just enjoy the show… and, any success will be a bonus… plus, i think, the thrill of seeing a team like this win, beat out the odds and over-achieve, is more special and exciting, than the overpaid team who wins and is expected to win