Note: about the Ninth Inning Last Night

Last night, with Jose Reyes at first base and nobody out in the ninth inning, Josh Thole was asked to sacrifice Reyes to second and put him in scoring position.

Instead, Thole popped the bunt up, and Reyes was caught off first base and was thrown out in his attempt to retreat.

After the game, Reyes spoke with reporters, and said:

“There is no reason for me to be off the bag there…That’s not supposed to happen. This is the major leagues.”

Like I said earlier, the mental mistakes, and the inability to do the little things are just mind boggling with the Mets right now. Reyes literally froze, and he didn’t even dive back into first base. Of course, Thole’s inability to put the ball on the ground in that situation didn’t help the situation either.

That said, I’m not sure why Terry Collins would look to bunt the tying run over to second base in the ninth inning anyway. In that situation, outs are precious, and giving one away there, especially with the Mets struggling to execute bunts lately, is not what I thought to be ideal.

Rather, I would have liked to have seen Reyes try and steal second base, and, if successful, maybe then have Thole try and sacrifice him to third, which I think is a more efficient use of the out.