Note: Jose Reyes Might Hit Third in St. Louis

Jerry Manuel told reporters before yesterday’s game that he talked to Jose Reyes, and will likely bat him third at some point this weekend in St. Louis.

…i go back and forth on this… i am just so apprehensive about messing with jose right now… but, i see how hitting him third, in Carlos Beltran’s absence, helps to stretch out the lineup… and, since sustaining rallies is this team’s big issue right now, stretching things out is probably smart… plus, it could help contain jose, which, though usually counter-productive, in this case, it could help focus him, which could help get him back in to the rhythm of the game… i don’t know… i guess we’ll soon find out

“I’m not ready yet for that,” Reyes said, according to ESPN New York. “Jerry hasn’t told me anything yet.  He said maybe.  It’s possible.  He said by this weekend I’ll be fine. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow.  I don’t want to hurt the team.  But if I’m ready, I’m open to doing it.”