Note: Jose Reyes is Being Jose Reyes

“I’m happy to be playing this way.  You guys know what happened to me last year, and I wasn’t able to enjoy the game as much as I wanted to.  This year I’m healthy and I’m doing whatever I have to do to put my team in position to win every night, and I enjoy it.  This is what I love to do.  I’m real happy now.”

~ Jose Reyes, after last night’s game

In his last 23 games, Reyes is batting .371 with a .419 OBP, three HR, 11 RBI, eight stolen bases and 16 runs scored, during which the Mets are 18–5.

reyes has been fantastic the last few weeks… what’s most impressive, though, is how good he has looked in the field… last night, he made a handful of sensational plays – and throws… he seems to be getting to the ball quicker, he’s back to having that spring in his step and his reactions are on point… i also think Ike Davis is helping to stabilize the entire infield, as well, as they must know they can rush a throw and take risks as ike will likely make the necessary play on the backend…

…i will not lie, there was a moment earlier in the season, i’d say about a month ago, when i wondered if something had happened to reyes, would he ever return to being the player he once was… not because of effort, but because of something physical, some by-product of the previous year’s injuries and rehab… i am glad this is not the case… the electricity he creates never gets old, i love his energy and attitude and he makes watching Mets games fun, and it’s great to have him back being jose