Note: John Maine like-likes Jennifer Aniston

According to Hollyscoop, Mets RHP John Maine has a crush on Jennifer Aniston, saying:

“I just love her soft and natural, girl-next-door looks and the way she carries herself, her whole demeanor…Oh, yes, the hair.  The hair is unbelievable!  I think she just gets better looking as she gets older.”

…oh, johnny…don’t ever change, buddy…i mean, did he really say, “Oh, yes, the hair.”…dear god, i hope not…nevertheless, i totally understand the crush…who doesn’t

On what he would do if he meets her, Maine says:

“”I’d probably be so nervous, I would trip over my feet. I guess I would take some pictures with her and give her a hug. Maybe she’ll contact me somehow and it will actually happen. Wow, how cool would that be?”

thanks to maura for the link…i think